21 months ago I was diagnosed with a GBM brain tumour and you, my wife and I had an initial chat about diets etc.

Since then I have mainly followed the Jane McLelland protocol and am tumour free.


Long Covid:

I haven’t this much energy since I got sick one and a half years ago. I'm back to work and managing the workload incredibly. I can't thank you enough.

xxxxxx W.G


This in insane! They've gone down by another 400 in two months!!!!! 

xxxxx Eeva-Liisa Enok

Colon cancer - disease free 

Kaytee you are a fucken legend!!

I love that the work we are doing together is working ..

Thx for the below.. good inspo for my meals

xxxx Ant Ward

Cancer diet while going through chemo: Guess What??! I lost 5.8kg’s!! My man lost 4.8!!

As you know we weren’t doing it for weight loss but to support his chemo at Kaytee’s suggestion, on that note this was his cycle 3 and he’s handled it the best so far! Surely it’s credit to diet change?! We both still need to loose a lot so this is great!

Just wanted to let you know how we got on and say THANK YOU!! We both feel GREAT for it!

xxxxx Mandy Cameron

Regular periods and fertility 

I just thought I would touch base as I owe you a shit ton. 

I have had 4 consistent periods now which have been EXACTLY on time! (who would have thought haha) 

x x x x K.W.


Look who made his way into this world!! 

Our "Peaceful Warrior" 

Thanks again for everything you do, I truly believe your guidance got us here xx

x x x x Rebecca Kay

Weight loss and detoxification support 

I'm pooping EVERY DAY which is ANNOYING but at the end of the day que sera sera. I've lost 10kg which is FABULOUS #another10togo

x x x x H. L 


Thanks Kaytee! Yeah super stoked with a second clear scan, I'm really proud of what we have achieved. Its giving me lots of affirmation that all the work and change is worth it. Onwards and upwards!!

xx x x x Rachel Harrison 

Chronic fatigue 

Thank you so much for your help and guidance, definitely seeing some improvements which is pretty darn exciting I can tell ya!

x x x  x B.P.

Fertility and general health 

Just wanted to let you know I’m 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow!! So grateful, so happy. 


I can already notice a difference with the supplements, the last few days I've had more consistent energy and my mind seems sharper! My hands and nose aren't so cold all the time and I don't feel as down about life.

x x x  xx M. Evans

Cancer support 

Thank you for the report with your recommendations to help me recover from chemotherapy.

I have already implemented a number of them. I have printed out a few of your recipes to try as well.

Thank you for your advice and I will continue to review the report and make changes to adopt as much of it as I can .

FYI, I have now received confirmation that following the PET scan I am in remission, so provided I manage to get through the next two years without any further reoccurrence I will be in good shape.

x x x x Peter Stichbury 

Weight loss and energy 

Sorry to interrupt your holiday, but I just had to share my amazing results with you!   This plan absolutely blows my mind, I feel so amazing, and so grateful.  I have lost a total of 12kg in 6 weeks, and feel the best I’ve felt in years.  You thought I’d get to around 72kg, but I’ve blown that out of the water with finishing at 68.8kg!  

x x x x Jacqui I.

cancer support 

Thanks so much Kaytee for giving me so much useful and invaluable advice to get through this. I honestly think the fasting is the reason I’ve been so lucky and kept my hair which I wouldn’t have known about without you. Im going to book in an appt to come see you for an updated regime of how to recover from chemo and keep cancer the fuck away from me haha

x x x x

x x x x Amber Burrows


OMG Kaytee Boyd you ROCK!!!!

I have re-booked to see you again early March so can’t wait to show you my new look body!!!

Deidre Towers

I have been meaning to let you know that the pills are working well for my symptoms - not quite as well just after a period (which are currently all over the place to tricky to track) but otherwise I can go weeks without any problems. I am very grateful for your help. 

x x x x Heidi Myhr 

Miss O is pretty good really. Her skin has improved so much and is nowhere near as red and inflamed looking. The red bits are just the skin healing now pretty much. It’s a massive difference. 

She is doing good really well with the food and taking the supplements too. 

x x x P.R

I have to say we are celebrating here as this is the most energy and happiness I've had in like forever!  Can't thank you enough already. 

xxxx Sarah Mcilroy

Hashimoto’s and fertility 

Yesterday we had a small reveal party to find out the sex and....It's a GIRL.

We are very happy! I'm doing well. Baby is kicking since two weeks ago which is a surprise for everyone we tell... I'm only 20 weeks and can feel her everyday! Had two more scans and all is good with her.

xxxx M. B

Histamines - headaches and migraines and heavy periods 

Just to let you know, feeling remarkably better all this week!

Fatigue, sinus/headache pain, nausea, irregular heartbeat and cold/numb toes all gone. Eyes looking much clearer and no puffy tired face

So looks like it could well have been histamines - thank you 

xxxx Jo Bell

Kidney disease 

Things are going OK.. eGFR is stable at 46 and my Albumin/Creatinine ratio has come right down - still elevated, but a lot better than before.

I've been good for many, many months but had let it slip for a little while - back on track again now! Thanks again for all of your help.

xxxx S. Spry

Migraine headaches 

I have been feeling so much better since taking the pills. Thank you!!!!!!

xxxx L.K

Thanks so so much for today beautiful lady. I feel a huge weight has been lifted off me and I am positive about moving forward and sorting my health.


Deb x

xxx Deb. Y

I honestly can’t tell you how much better I’m feeling! Not exhausted, happy, not bloated. I’m loving it!

xxx J. Green

I am making great progress - much better than I anticipated in such a short space of time. 

I am feeling more positive, energised and my body feels like it is detoxifying well. My voice is continuing to recover and overall, I am happy with life again - it's been a very long time.

xxxx T. Miller

11kg down (from Feb) and it's staying off with the 5 and 2.  Really pleased :) and have to admit I'm surprised that I've kept it off - just because I've tried other things and not managed to do it, so this feels like a huge success.  Thanks so much for your help !!

xxxx K. D

Gut issues 

Great change and almost back under control. Yeh!!!!

Also shot an 83 at golf yesterday in howling gale  yeah !!!!

Can abandon loperamide soon.

xxxx N. Hall

Post-Finasteride (propecia) syndrome:

Erectile dysfunction, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, debilitating fatigue loss of libido, ejaculation disorder) 

I wanted to give you a quick progress on my recovery and seek your input. The stuff you gave me is fantastic. I do feel less stressed and anxious. I am having dreams and some erections when I sleep which I think is good.

xxxx J. P

Post-Finasteride (propecia) syndrome:

I cant thank you enough. Just to know someone who has read about this and understands how difficult it is just to function. I have seen so many people already and spent SOOO much money for no results. You have nailed it and I don’t know if I can get full function back, but already see and feel changes. Thank you. 😊 

xxxx J. Bull

chronic fatigue/ME

By the way I DID NOT CRASH after my wood splitting afternoon. THAT’S FREAKIN AMAZING!!!! And NO CHEST PAIN, and I ALWAYS GET CHEST PAIN after something like that.

xxxx Anne. M

Oh my gosh! My tummy pain is nearly gone completely! I've had a few days where i'm almost pain free and it's been a revelation! 

xxxx Jess T

Thank to your input and advice, I'm feeling great!. Energy levels vastly improved and my skin quite lovely too. Thank you so much for all your help in this regard.

xxxxx D. H

Just a quick note to thank you sooooo much for your time.  He was really buzzing and excited about getting on top of his health and really connected with you.  Sounds like a lot of laughs too.  Your style of delivery really helped to keep it light as he has adhd and can get overwhelmed with learning.  We are getting on to the tests today. 

xxx A. Parker

Thanks Kaytee! And thanks for seeing me - your advice is making a huge difference to my health, thank you!

xxxxx Stephanie

Gut wise much better, going to the toilet more often and less bloating. Period pain surprisingly less since coming off the pill.

xxxxx Emma. C

Am feeling better and stronger with taking the latest suppliments you put me on, and think the gut restoration treatment is really working for me and my son, who is showing definite signs of recovering from his chronic fatique which has lasted 4 years! 

xxxxx D. Evans

Not sure if it's the intermittent fasting, the extra greens, or your pills (or all three) but I have lost a few pounds and my BMs are much more regular (sorry for the too much info), so that's excellent. 

xxx T Olsen

It’s so nice to have the energy and motivation to cook and eat meals again and to not have the blood sugar ups and downs caused by eating crap. 

I still don’t get very hungry but can tell i need  to eat because i start snacking or feel tired and adding in regular meals helps. 

xxx Sarah Kent 

Kia ora Kaytee,

I’m not sure if you’ll remember my visits to your clinic, but they have had such an immensely positive impact on my life since. I wanted to reach out and share that journey through my lens, where I am now, and thank you for your support. 

In 2018, I struggled for months with repeated misdiagnosis and medications. Both my physical and mental health were struggling and at a loss with GP assistance, Dallas brought me in to see you. You immediately set me on the right testing and treatment path, explaining everything so clearly to little 17 year old me. I was, and still am, so incredibly grateful for that visit. Thank you Kaytee, for supporting me at such a critical point in my life.

Being already enrolled to study Health Sciences at the University of Otago the following year, my mind started to tick about what it really was I’d like to end up doing. Inspired hugely by you and the positive impact you made on my life, I changed my field of study to sports and nutrition. 

I am proud to say that in 2022, I was awarded my Bachelor of Science in Sports and Exercise Science with Human Nutrition. Now, having since moved to London, I begin my postgraduate studies in Applied Sports Nutrition at the University of St Mary’s this Friday. 

Long term, my career goal is to work as a performance coach for elite level athletes. Alongside that, drawing from my experiences at The Boyd Clinic, I aspire to offer the same amount of care and knowledge through nutrition support as you did for me. 

I love following the content and research put out by you and The Boyd Clinic online. I hope you’re keeping well. 

xxx C. K