Cancer Care

Unlocking the Potential of Integrative Metabolic Oncology 

Goals of Integrative Cancer Care

1. Improve Quality of Life
◦ “Thriving while Surviving”

2. Decrease Side Effects
◦ Mitigating the adverse effects of traditional cancer treatments.

3. Decrease Recurrence Risk
◦ Implementing strategies to lower the likelihood of cancer returning.

4. Improve Nutritional Status
◦ Personalised dietary plans and supplements to support overall health and target cancer cells.

Diagnostic Workup and Diet Recommendations

We utilise a comprehensive range of laboratory tests to tailor a personalised treatment plan. This includes:

  • Liquid Biopsies Analysis Circulating Tumour Cells (CTC) Testing etc
  • Tumour Biopsies Analysis
  • Immune Function Analysis
  • Inflammation Markers
  • Mitochondrial Function
  • Microbiome Assessment
  • Toxin Levels
  • Stress and Infection Markers
  • Nutritional Status

Note: Testing costs will be explained during the consultation. Based on the diagnostic findings, we develop an individualised diet protocol to specifically target the defective metabolism and biochemistry of cancer cells.

Services Available

  1. Metabolic Pathway Research
    ◦ In-depth analysis of metabolic approaches to cancer treatment.
  2. Managing Chemotherapy, Radiation, and Immunotherapy Interactions ◦ Evaluating contraindications and interactions with supplements.
  3. Surgery Support
    ◦ Pre- and post-operative nutritional and metabolic support.
  4. Immune Dysfunction Identification and Treatment
    ◦ Strategies to boost and balance immune function.
  5. Post-Treatment Fatigue Management
    ◦ Addressing neuroinflammation and oxidative stress to improve recovery.
  6. Detoxification Post-Treatment
    ◦ Assisting the body in eliminating treatment-related toxins.
  7. Fasting Protocols
    ◦ Implementing fasting strategies to enhance treatment efficacy and recovery, and recurrence reduction.
  8. Genetic Analysis Genetic testing helps you tailor and personalise your health and fitness to your genetic profile, lifestyle, and goals, ensuring that what you're doing is just for you. The way you improve your health should be as unique as your DNA. We offer two types of genetic testing: one that analyses the tumour's genetic expression and another that examines your overall genetic health. This comprehensive approach helps identify areas that may need targeted interventions, such as managing toxic load, and supports the development of personalised treatment plans.
  9. Counteracting Oxidative Stress and Inflammation
    ◦ Targeting the inflammatory processes that drive cancer progression and metastasis.

Innovative Strategies: TCR and Fasting

At the heart of our treatment methodologies are Therapeutic Carbohydrate


Restriction (TCR) and Fasting.

  • Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction (TCR)
    ◦ Disrupts the metabolic environment that fuels tumour growth, offering a precision-focused strategy that complements traditional treatments by minimising collateral damage to healthy cells.
  • Fasting
    ◦ Induces metabolic shifts that create an inhospitable environment for cancer cells, thereby bolstering the resilience of healthy cells. By integrating these innovative strategies with traditional cancer care, we aim to provide a holistic, personalised approach that maximises patient outcomes and enhances overall well-being.